It is not legally mandatory to have motorcycle insurance in Florida. It is necessary to have auto insurance. Florida is a unique case in this regard. The state has a no fault policy . It does not mandate any minimum coverage for motorcycle owners and riders but there is a provision in the law to hold the person financially and legally responsible in the event of an accident.

In other words, a person will have to bear the financial, medical and legal implications of an accident. Any personal injury protection that is available and applicable for drivers of motor vehicles having four or more wheels is not relevant for owners and riders of motorcycles

What is the Average Cost of Motorcycle Insurance in Florida?

Since there is no minimum coverage required by law for bodily injury, liability or damage to property, it is hard to answer what is the average cost of motorcycle insurance in Florida. If you are looking for around a hundred thousand dollars for bodily or personal injury protection for yourself or one person with fifty thousand dollars as coverage for property damage and three hundred thousand dollars for injury per accident, then the annual premium could be around four hundred dollars. According to, this should not be considered to be an average as the figure will vary considerably depending on the brand, make or model of motorcycle.

Every company in the state has policies with minimal coverage and more comprehensive propositions. The cheapest insurances for motorcycle owners are between thirty-five dollars and a hundred dollars. This range goes northward for more expensive motorcycles. If you want an upgraded policy with much better coverage then you are looking at a range of three hundred dollars to over five hundred dollars. The same can be over a thousand dollars for expensive and limited edition motorcycles. If you want comprehensive coverage then the answer to what is the average cost of motorcycle insurance in Florida is around five hundred dollars.

Owners do not need motorcycle insurance in Florida to register their bikes according to Riders do not need to have any coverage to hit the streets. But an accident will make the rider or owner liable. Failing to have coverage and not being able to oblige to take care of the liabilities will have consequences, from suspension of license and registration to civil judgments. It is best to have optimum motorcycle coverage in Florida.